Telehealth and Monoclonal Antibodies Available

Doctor Taking Notes
Doctor's Desk

RN Consultation

This service is specifically available to help provide patients an early outpatient treatment option. The virtual appointment includes an RN consultation for focused illness related complaints. Including a treatment plan, and prescription options if deemed appropriate by prescribing provider. 

$90 per visit

($60 per follow-up)

(Limited After Hours and Weekend Appointments Available. Cost $120)

Vaccine Production Line

Monoclonal Antibodies

FDA approved for Emergency Use

Call to Schedule

Must meet certain criteria:

Positive Test

Within 10 days of Symptom Onset

Not requiring Oxygen

Stable for Outpatient Setting

Cost: $200

*FSA/HSA approved for debit.

Superbill available upon request. 5-7 day turnaround to generate.